Polish Jazz Golden Hundred – exhibition

Series of concerts of great Polish jazz stars as part of the project “Polish Jazz Golden Hundred”
will be accompanied by exhibition of Małgorzata Kornecka-Drąg.

Exhibition will take place at Cellar under the Rams at term June 24th, – August, 5th.

The exhibition is an impression of the performances of jazz musicians. It is a compilation of feelings that gives listening and watching individual artists who have different energy, play in different styles, but also have a different expression, both musical, but also what affects the viewer’s bodily expression. Paintings are a transposition of musical experience into painting matter, while sketches are a direct drawing of what is happening during the concert. They often reflect the rhythm, melody and “conversation” of individual artists with each other. Małgorzata Kornecka-Drąg – MaKaDo – a painter from Krakow, after the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, she participated in the creation of the “Loving Vincent” painting animation. She is a jazz enthusiast, as well as Krakow, the atmosphere that prevails in it, which is especially reflected At the Piwnica pod Baranami. The passion for jazz in every form has led her to the creation of a series of paintings on this subject, which are firmly rooted in Polish colourism, but also reflect the special energy that accompanies the experience of communing with live musicians.



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