Charles Lloyd, The Marvels & Bill Frisell in Cracow

The legendary saxophonist Charles Lloyd will visit Summer Jazz Festival Kraków with Bill Frisell and the band The Marvels.

In the early 1960s, Lloyd led the historic group of Keith Jarrett, Cecil McBee and Jack DeJohnette, who recorded one of the first jazz albums sold in more than a million copies and was the first jazz band to play on the legendary Fillmore. The virtuosity, spirituality and maneuverability of Lloyd made him once a rock star who recorded and performed with The Grateful Dead, Cream, Hendrix and Beach Boys.
He remains one of the most technically and spiritually involved performers in the world. Lloyd brings into his music inspirations from Calvin Newborn, Gabor Szabo, John Abercrombie and Bill Frisell. Charles Lloyd has been strongly associated for long time with the guitar, the multitude of moods and sounds that can be heard in his work. The unique formation – The Marvels is created by bassist Reuben Rogers, drummer Eric Harland as well as two outstanding guitarists, Bill Frisell and Greg Leisz.
The raised mood of the concerts can be felt from the very beginning, when Lloyd shows his the talent for composing complex, dynamic melodies.

Tickets:,, Kijów.Centrum, InfoKraków st.John street, our office at Karmelicka 52/1 (-10%).

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