Presentation of 100 top Polish jazz artists

During the 23rd edition of Summer Jazz Festival Krakow, a special event called
“Polish Jazz Golden Hundred” will take place.

The program was prepared to celebrate 100th anniversary of Polands independence. As much as 100 leading Polish solo musicians and jazz bands will be presented during up to 100 concerts. The concerts will be held in Krakow’s most recognizable clubs, such as Cellar under the Rams, Harris Piano Jazz Bar, Piec Art Acoustic Jazz Club, U Muniaka and Alchemia club. Amongst all the participants there are some of the greatest legends of Polish Jazz: Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Adam Makowicz, Tomasz Stańko, Urszula Dudziak, Michał Urbaniak, Włodek Pawlik and Leszek Możdżer, who will play at the Manggha Museum. Tickets will be available on-line soon.

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